Fix graphic problems in android games(without rooting)

Have you come across with such type of error even if you have a high-end android phone,then this is not the problem of your android phone and can be solved with a simple tweak.

Such type of error generally occurs when you haven’t downloaded the game from google play store or share it just from others.Not in all games have such type of problem but its common in some graphic-intensive games such as Gameloft games or EA games.Thats why it is recommended to download them only from your play store because it shows only those apps and games that is fully compatible with your device specification.

However these graphic intensive games are not freeware which force the users to download them from third-parties and that too doesn’t provide games according to your device specification which results in crashes,blackscreen,and such type of errors

                                           a screenshot from nfs most wanted

    • (Only tested in mali400 gpu)But anyone can try this tweak if you have this type of graphic problem.

    Step 1: Go to setting and tap on about phone.

      Step 2: Find Build number and press 2 to 3 times until you see this.

       Step 3:  Then go to developer option and turn it on.

       Step 4: Find Disable HW Overlays in hardware and acceleration section,make sure it is ticked.This forces the gpu for screen compositing and avoids hardware acceleration in graphic rendering.                    

      Thats it.
      If this can’t help you and experienced graphic problem even after applying this tweak,you can freely express your comments below,I will reply soon and post another tweak for rooted phones.You can also download games according to your gpu model on www.revdl.com.To know your gpu model just download the below app from google play store. 



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