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The adaptation follows the same basic beats of The Jungle Book—an orphaned baby, Mowgli, is adopted by a pack of wolves and becomes the “man-cub”. He’s taught to survive in the jungle by Bagheera (Christian Bale), the panther who found him, and Baloo (Serkis), a good-natured but lackadaisical bear. However, the presence of Mowgli (Rohan Chand) in the jungle causes the ire of Shere Khan (Benedict Cumberbatch), a tiger whose only goal in life is to eat the man-cub. This causes conflict among Mowgli’s protectors. Among the wolves, it’s deemed that Mowgli is never truly part of the pack, but Baloo thinks that if Mowgli can pass the necessary tests, the pack will protect him. Bagheera believes that Mowgli’s safety lies with joining a nearby village of humans because Khan won’t go near people. In the middle of this conflict, Mowgli must decide if he belongs with men or if he’s part of the jungle.

Serkis isn’t helped by the CGI animation that makes the incredibly bizarre choice to give all the animals human-like eyes. This makes the characters dwell even further in the Uncanny Valley and this is on top of the questionable composition work where none of the characters seem to be occupying the same space. Trying to reach the level of Disney’s Jungle Book is a tall order, but before Mowgli was going to be released by Netflix, it was a Warner Bros. movie. Warner Bros. has money! And yet this looks like the lo-rent, direct-to-DVD version of The Jungle Book, and I suppose now that it’s arriving on Netflix, its distribution fulfills the destiny of its visual effects.

There are things that Mowgli is trying to prove. It’s trying to prove that The Jungle Book isn’t just a story for kids and that it can be handled in a mature, aggressive way. It’s trying to prove that motion capture isn’t just for luminaries like Serkis, but that it can work for Oscar-winning actors like Christian Bale and Cate Blanchett(who plays the snake, Kaa). But Mowgli never proves these things because the execution is always off. It’s tough to buy Bale’s performance when Bagheera’s animation rarely conveys emotion. It’s tough to understand why we need a blood-soaked Jungle Book when that violence doesn’t tell us anything new about the story. Mowgli is undoubtedly different than 2016’s The Jungle Book. Unfortunately, none of those differences are to the movie’s credit.

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