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Aisha is budding writer and visits Dehli with her friend to research for her upcoming book. She meets a local guide Dev . She falls for Dev. She again books a meeting with Dev with all seats reserved and surprises him. Finally Aisha proposes him and they marry . After a few months Aisha realises that she is pregnant and she informs it to Dev who is extremely happy hearing the news , but Aisha refuses to carry the baby as she feels she isn’t ready for it. Somehow Dev conveinces her for it . They both are seen to be happy and feel that they might have a baby girl and decide to keep her name Disha which is a mixture of Dev and Aisha . Unfortunately they have a misscarraige and Devs mother blames Aisha for it. Frustrated Aisha feels humiliated and insulted and leaves Dev saying that she has stopped loving him and that she would try to live without him . A few days later dev and his family try to bring her back and she does not agree. She calls dev to meet her at a place if he really loved her , but dev does not come. 7years later Aisha breaks her wedding and still is obsessed with dev. She decides to move on and face her problems. On her way to Dehli for a book reading she has a lady Anu and her daughter Pulti as copassengers . While having a conversation with the lady she finds that the lady is devs second wife . She also meets dev in the train as he is in the same compartment. During the journey she is reminded of her marraige with dev (the entire love story ) in parts (shown in flashback) . Further Aisha finds pultus real name is Disha. Highly upset Aisha chides Dev for naming his daughter Disha. The train reaches the station . While leaving Any says thank you to Aisha for giving her dev and tells her that she knows that she is devs love and first wife. After getting down Dev goes back to the train to Aisha and tells her that he had come to meet her that day but somehow felt that she wouldn’t remain happy with him. His world is different from hers and he wanted to see her live her life happily and fulfill her dreams. He also tells her that he read her novel many times. Both cry and hug each other.She says that although our destinations are different still our love remains the same and will stay for ever. Dev tells Aisha that he would wait for her next novel. A few days later dev finds Aishas new book named Jalebi which is their none other than their complicated love story just like a Jalebi, sweet,and they reunite

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