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Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare (2018) web-series all episodes Download in 480p hindi

Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare (2018) web-series all episodes Download in 480p hindi

Ronny Bhaiya leads a double life – To the world he is the nephew of the MLA – and likes to think of himself as a Jann Neta, and at home he is the jobless 26 year old with no sense of responsibility to his family. The show explores Ronny’s adventures as he gets stuck in multiple situations because of this big lie that precedes him.

The show starts off with Ronny(Zakir Khan) coming back to Indore via train. His cronies Anwar & Kranti receive him at the station. He comes out from the AC compartment by threatening the security guard that “Chacha Vidhayak Hai Humare”. The show revolves around Ronny & the hilarity that ensues thanks to his tall claim that the local MLA is his uncle. Truth is there no connection whatsoever between the local MLA & him. But all his friends including his crush Avantika believe his claims that the local MLA is his uncle
He uses this fake association with the MLA to lord over his friends, threaten random strangers & to impress his crush. Ronny is a street smart, smooth talker who is no aim to land a plush job. He wants a cushy job at a bank & earn money with minimum effort. His character will remind people of Salman Khan’s character – Radhe Mohan in Tere Naam. The characters in the show even mention the legendary character in one of the episodes. He has a government employee father – brilliantly portrayed by Zakir Hussain, dramatic mother & a nosy sister. Does Ronny get caught in his lie or does he manage to evade getting caught throughout? Does he manage to make Avantika fall for him? Does he land a job at a bank? This is what forms the big part of the story.
Zakir Khan is a gifted topic. Fans of his stand up acts will be able to associate the jokes which he cracks about him going all out to woo his crush & him running around Avantika in the show. Zakir’s comic timing & dialogues are hilarious. The other show stealer is veteran actor Zakir Hussain. His acting is brilliant. He is brilliant as the hapless father. His dialogues especially ” Zindagi main Salman Banna, Radhe Mohan nahi” will be remembered by fans of this show for years to come. The character who plays Avantika looks pretty. Ronny’s cronies do a good job. Rest of the supporting cast too is decent.
There are no flaws that we can think of. At barely 25 odd mins per episode, there are barely any time for your mind to wander. The script writers have done a fab job of keeping the viewers glued to their screens throughout. Amazon Prime has a good track record & they do not disappoint.
It is a show which should be enjoyed with your entire family. Well done Zakir Bhai!

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Season 1 Episode 8


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